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Lavleen Samra-Gill is the Clinic Manager of Symmetria Integrative Medical.  She completed her Master’s in Public Health with a focus in Behavioral, Social, & Community Health in 2016 from Indiana University and her Bachelor of Science with a concentration in psychology in 2012 from Indiana University-Purdue University.  She is currently completing her doctoral degree in Public Health, with an emphasis on Health Behavior and Epidemiology at Indiana University.  Lavleen was previously an Assistant Professor at Indiana University and Project Manager of several research studies at IUPUI and IU, all with a focus on health promotion and disease prevention in community-based settings.

Lavleen’s research focuses on behavioral, social, and cultural factors impact chronic disease risk and management.  Her focus at Symmetria is to create and foster a heath care model which places the patient at the heart of care.  Her passion has always been in healthcare and non-invasive healing treatments focusing on fixing the cause rather than patching the symptoms.  She began in Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and saw the physical and emotional side effects of physical pain.  Seeing the repercussions of medication abuse and the emotional ramifications of reduced quality of life, prevention became a driving force in her career.  Moreover, her training and education led her to look deeply at the impact of nutrition on chronic disease and physical medicine.  At Symmetria, Lavleen strives to provide and environment where the determinants of healthcare are minimized and patient-centered care is reformed.  Her mission is to advance Symmetria Integrative Medical into the gold-standard of healthcare through individualized, evidence-based treatment therapies.  Her emphasis on community  wellness and health promotion and prevention are the fundamental characteristics of Symmetria Integrative Medical.         


Publications and Conferences

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Chelsea Tabor, Joyce Pittman, Lavleen Samra, Susan M. Rawl.  2014 April 17.  Evaluating the Quality of Web-based Ostomy Patient Resources.  Poster session presented at MNRS 39th Annual Research Conference 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Joyce Pittman, Chelsea Tabor, Lavleen Samra, Susan M. Rawl.  2014 April 17.  Analyzing the gaps in Web-based Ostomy Patient Support Resources.  Poster session presented at the American Academy of Nursing’s 2014 Annual Research Conference 2015, Indianapolis, Indiana.  

Lavleen Samra, Chelsea Tabor, Susan M. Rawl, Joyce Pittman.  2014 December.  Web-based Ostomy Patient Support:  Is it evidence-based?  Poster session presented at Nursing Care Research Conference 2014, Indianapolis, Indiana. 

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Lavleen Samra, Lucia Guerra-Reyes, Priscilla Barnes, Jon Agley, Carol Weiss-Kennedy, Susan E. Middlestadt.  2016 October 31.  Describing the Chronic Disease Risk and Health Needs of Adult Punjabi Women living in Central Indiana.  Oral presentation at APHA 2016, Denver, Colorado.    

Lavleen Samra, Lucia Guerra-Reyes, Priscilla Barnes, Susan E. Middlestadt.  2016 April 7.  Exploratory Assessment of the Behavioral, Social, and Health Needs of Punjabi Women Living in Central Indiana.  Poster session presented at Indiana Public Health Week Conference, Bloomington, Indiana.    

Under Review

Samra L, Guerra-Reyes L, Barnes P, Agley J, Weiss-Kennedy C, & Middlestadt SE.  Describing the disease risk and health needs of Punjabi women in Indiana.  

Samra L, Guerra-Reyes L, Barnes P, Agley J, Weiss-Kennedy C, & Middlestadt SE.  Describing the disease risk and health needs of Punjabi women in central Indiana : A faith-based sample.


Faith-based Community Health Research



Katie is the Case Manager and Patient Advocate for Symmetria. She handles a majority of new patient exams, financial planning for patients, and also handles billing behind the scenes. She is more than happy to help with any insurance questions patients may have! She loves being a part of the Symmetria team and assisting where she can to help our patients regain their lives. When she’s not buried in patient files and insurance claims, Katie loves spending time with her two children and significant other, finding new adventures and activities together.










Carrie is the Public Relations representative for Symmetria Medical and has worked with the public for 20 years. While she’s not scheduling new patients, organizing seminars, or managing the website and Facebook page, she enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and swimming. She loves being able to witness patients take the first step of the rest of their life.











Bridget Barnhouse is a Front Desk Receptionist at Symmetria Integrative Medical. Her favorite things about working at Symmetria are the team making it a family-like workplace, spirit dress up days, and most of all seeing the progress of our patients achieving their goals. The relationships created through the time spent here with our patients is truly special and rewarding. When not at Symmetria, she enjoys traveling, concerts, and spending time with her two boys. 










Abigayle is one of our Rehab Specialists here at Symmetria Medical. Abi's favorite part about working here is the team-like approach towards all patient treatments. In her free time, Abi is a student, baker, and True Crime enthusiast. 












Amanda Venables is an Office Assistant at Symmetria Integrative Medical in Marysville, WA. Amanda assists with stem cell, PRP, and trigger point injections. She also takes on new-patient exams and re-exams. Amanda received her Associate degree in Arts and Sciences from Everett Community College in 2019. Amanda loves long-distance running, jiu jitsu, and being part of the Symmetria family.








Arlene is the Cold Laser Technician here at Symmetria. She has been working in the medical field for nearly four years and is experienced in rehabilitation, cold laser, front desk and is also a X-Ray Technician. Arlene is very passionate about her job and loves working with patients but when she’s not at work with patients she enjoys hiking and doing other physical activities such as running and yoga.











Bo is a rehabilitation specialist at Symmetria. When he’s not helping patients get back in shape, he enjoys the outdoor activities like backpacking, snowboarding and traveling. He is a Washingtonian who likes the great outdoors and likes to stay fit. 












Corrie is an Office Technician working with Invisa-Red and Neuropathy patients. She likes the teamwork and friendly, welcoming atmosphere of Symmetria. When she is not working, she loves spending time with her three kids and enjoys reading, traveling whenever possible, hiking, running & doing 5k’s.










Bayley is a Rehab Specialist for Symmetria Medical. Outside of work, she enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, beachcombing, and spending time with her two chocolate labs. Bayley plans to go back to school to receive her Master Esthetician license in the near future. With that license her dream is to make people feel beautiful.













Gracie Smith is a rehab specialist at Symmetria. Her favorite part is caring for patients and getting to know everyone who comes in. When not working shes rock climbing or spending time with her family. Shes currently working towards joining the Marine Corps in the near future, she also hopes to work in auto mechanics.

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