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"About six or seven months ago I started experiencing pain on the inside of my right knee. This knee had already undergone two orthoscopic surgeries. My surgeon told me that my meniscus was thinner on the inside of the knee than the outside. Although the pain was not overpowering at this point I realized that I might have to have a third surgery. I knew that there was only so many times that this surgery could be done before a knee replacement would be necessary. I was 65 years old. Then I attended a seminar on Stem Cell Therapy with Symmetria. I wrote down the questions I had. Other attendees asked many of the same questions that I had. Doctors Kantor and Gill were very informative. I decided to try Stem Cell Therapy. Before my injection I was interviewed by Dr. Gill to make sure that this treatment was right for me. I began laser therapy about two days after the injection. About 2 1/2 weeks later I noticed that the pain had disappeared! Soon I began therapy... Stem Cell Therapy was the right decision for me. The knee has remained pain free. I am once again going to the gym three times a week and walking for 30 minutes on the treadmill, which is something I wasn't able to do prior to the treatment. Many thanks to the entire staff of Symmetria for the services they provided me!"

- Ralph B.


"Hi Everybody,

Prior to receiving treatment at Symmetria Integrative Medical, we did our homework. We went to 5 other locations to gather information. Dr Gill, meet with us and discussed a treatment. Dr Gill works with the latest technology to provide the best treatment for each person. Made me feel that he and his team want to help heal a person..everyone is friendly and helpful. I wish I had know about this type of treatment prior to having a full knee replacement, it is a difficult rehab to say the least. My suggestion is explore your options."


Patty D Ramirez


"I have been extremely successful with all of the treatments that I have been doing. I was in horrible sciatica pain, and now I'm almost pain free! I also chose to participate in the Leaky Gut Diet, and it was life changing! I lost nearly 30 pounds in 5 weeks, but more importantly I have been educated in how to eat correctly. I also appreciated the Inviser-red machine, because it helps to eliminate fat quickly!"

- Betty B.


"Came in for knee pain and had an exam with Dr. Gill. Dr. Gill sat down with me and explained what was going on and I got set up with PRP injections with Dr. Bill and cold laser with Arlene. Dr. Bill was great at explaining the injections and Arlene was very thorough with the cold laser. The whole team, including Lavleen the office manager, has been very professional and made me feel like I was their only patient. Had an amazing all around experience!"

- Jesse J.


"I decided to come to Symmetria Medical thinking it was my best chance at getting relief from the arthritis in my thumb joints. I had been using ibuprofen and read that this was not a good long term solution for my condition. Next, I began using CBD cream which I purchased at my local shop. The cream actually worked better than the ibuprofen, but both treatments were only relief from the pain, and not long term solutions. So I decided to visit Symmetria Medical and see what solutions they had to offer. They suggested a combination of three weekly PRP injections along with cold laser treatments three times a week for four weeks. This treatment has worked very well - I have not used any pain medication or the CBD cream since beginning the program. I have finished this program now and would say this treatment has been 90+% successful. Dr Gill suggested an in person review in a month to see if another PRP injection would be appropriate. I would highly recommend anyone suffering joint pain consider the minimally invasive treatments offered by Symmetria Medical before resorting to the traditional treatments offered. I believe the traditional treatments offered by the medical profession for my type of joint pain includes some fairly radical medications which are not particularly successful at the long term regenerative joint treatment that has been experienced by the treatment offered by Symmetria Medical."

- Jon F.


"I had the misfortune of developing chemo induced neuropathy in my feet. I started Symmetria’s neuropathy protocol and prp a few months ago and have noticed a BIG improvement in what had been near constant burning and pain in my feet. I’ve gone back to work and am on my feet all day and I’m able to do it. I am really looking forward to not wearing socks this summer and not having my feet feet like I’ve gotten frost bite! I was skeptical at first. My drs had left me feeling like this would be forever and only medication could help dull the effects of what chemo had done to my nerves. But I knew I needed to try everything, I mean what could it hurt? Well I am beyond thrilled at the improvement I have experienced in my pain. Also, I’m regaining some normal sensation! It’s really nice to have hope returned. And even nicer to have less pain! If you’re struggling with neuropathy I highly recommend Symmetria’s neuropathy program. It’s really been a game changer for me!"

- Jenni G.


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