I first started coming to Chirocare in May of 2003 when lower back pain seemed to cut my legs right out from underneath me. In retrospect, it was only dumb luck that landed me in this office over any other, as it was simply the first care provider given to me by my insurance company. However, I’m very grateful for that luck.

It turned out that my back pain, loss of grip strength, cold hands, decreased energy, and a few other problems had to do with the 169% impairment in my neck. Over the course of 7 months, I participated in “The Program,” and through physical therapy and timely adjustments, my neck impairment has dropped all the way to 29%. My lower back pain is gone, my hands continue to regain strength as I heal, and my energy levels are much higher than they’ve been in years. Dr. Doron is truly passionate about his field, and his enthusiasm for helping people is mirrored by the friendly staff at Chirocare.

- Adam Cartwright

Our family had been going to Chirocare for almost two years. Our youngest daughter, Samantha, was still wearing diapers at night. She is 6 years old and we had resigned ourselves to believing she would “grow out” her problem. Unfortunately, the cost of diapers at her age was putting a significant dent in our budget. We had tried cutting her off any liquids after 8:00pm. We had even told Samantha that if she could stay dry for 3 nights in a row, she would get a prize. She would last three days and on the fourth night she would always have an accident. After several weeks of changing sheets and giving her a bath at midnight, we were quite weary of this. We were desperate for a solution. Worst of all Samantha was very embarrassed about her problem. She would burst into tears every time she had an accident.

One day we spotted a pamphlet on Bedwetting at Chirocare. We casually asked Dr. Doron about it, not believing he could really help. He of course, had no idea Samantha was still in diapers. In all the time we have been having him adjust her and our family, we had never told him. He was very concerned and assured us that he could adjust her back so she could stay dry (we were very skeptical).

He spent the next several visits adjusting her back. Samantha is very skinny and also very wiggly. Finally, with some cooperation from Samantha, he put her against the wall and adjusted her. That first night she stayed dry as well as the second, third and fourth night! We were ecstatic! Then a week went by. Then two! We were astounded. We were able to take the unopened pack of diapers back to the store with Samantha proudly stating “I don’t need these anymore”.

It has been nine months now and Samantha is still dry. We are firm believers that chiropractic care can take care of a bedwetting problem and anything else that may be a health problem. So now if someone asks us “Does chiropractic care really work?” we can honestly say, YES, it does! We had always believed in chiropractic care before, we just didn’t realize the extent of health problems that it covered. We have found Dr. Doron to be a very caring and kind chiropractor who really does want to know everything that could affect you or your family’s health. His staff is very friendly. Our five children look forward to going to the chiropractor and we can’t imagine our life without chiropractic care.

Thank you Dr. Doron for all your help with Samantha and our family.

- Ken and Becky B.

In September of this year I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but I had been told wonderful things from my co-workers. I then arrived here at Chirocare, and I’m glad I did. When I first began my treatment I was in pain daily from my right knee, lower-mid-and upper back pain, shoulder tension, and my intense headaches. I also was a sufferer of Carpal tunnel and Plantar Fasciitis (A very painful inflammation of the heel and sole that prevents walking). Of course my medical treatment before was a prescription for this and medication for that, but it wasn’t enough and it wasn’t even what my body really needed. I began treatment daily the first week and have continued with my scheduled adjustments and therapy of three times a week. I can happily state that my knee pain, back spasms, and shoulder tension have definitely decreased, but the best of all is the amazing relief of almost no more headaches. As for my Carpaltunnel and Plantar Fasciitis I rarely suffer as I did before chiropractic, and all of this with no medication. It’s amazing how your body can heal itself when allowed to do so. Initially my neck was at a 61% loss of curve. With my hard work and dedication I have increased my health and the curve of my neck by over 20% in the past few months, and boy let me tell you I know there is a difference. When asked if I would continue my program, “Oh Ya!” was the first thing I could say. I love how I feel and want more, who wouldn’t want the best for themselves.

- Dawn Westover

It was 10 years ago when I began my journey back to health. I shoot firearms competitively as a career. I go up against Military, Law Enforcement, and other male and female competitors. As well as teach technique and safety. So I have to be at the top of my game at all times.

I had been experiencing a lot of shooting pain in my lower back and shoulders, coupled with an ongoing numbness feeling that was steadily taking a toll on my career. After the pain and discomfort set in I decided maybe it was time to quit my sport. I thought to myself “I know what I am doing is hurting me. I’m doing something to my body that’s not good for me, so maybe if I stop the activity I will start feeling better.” But I love my sport and didn’t want to give it up after working so hard for so long, so I wanted to see what I could do about it. So I (not ever being to a chiropractor and not knowing the benefits) did what any other person would do in my situation and went to seek the help of my Medical Doctor.

When I went into his office he also noticed my pain. He told me I was definitely “locked up” and speedily prescribed me a high regiment of a week’s worth of muscle relaxants. I found on this medication I could hardly function, let alone drive, or for that matter, shoot my gun? But I was in so much pain that I went along with his plan for the week and after that week I indeed felt better. I was loose in my neck and my back and began going to the range again. Little did I know the pain had just been masked?

I felt relaxed, and my shooting was ok. Then after a couple weeks, BOOM, it came back. Every symptom I had was there just as it was before. I sat at a crossroads in my life for the first time ever. I could either go back to the medication which wasn’t going to be easy for me, not liking to take pills in the first place, even just taking a Tylenol or aspirin for a headache was a BIG commitment for me, or I could give Chiropractic a try. My medical clinic being right next door to a chiropractic clinic, I decided to go in one day. “What could I lose, I’m not getting any better? ” Being a bit of a skeptic, I wasn’t expecting that much out of the visit. So being that skeptic, when I went in I wasn’t going to fess up to how much pain I was in. I was just coming in as a curious person for a free exam and x-ray. I thought, “lets see if this is WHOODOO VOODOO or if they can really find something is wrong with me?”

In the initial exam they could feel my back was tight. Then after they looked at my x-rays they saw a tremendous jog to the left, in the middle of my upper back. Without me telling the Doc anything about my sport he asked me if I did anything with the right side of my body somewhat similar to hammering. Again, this was without me telling him what I do. I then opened up a little and told him about my sport and that yes, in fact, I did do something similar to hammering, I shot firearms as a career.

The Doctor told me that I had created a curve in my spine that shot to the left and that I had some major nerve impingement. So I thought “they definitely discovered my problems without me divulging any information so I think I will listen to this Doctor and go along with the program.”

So I came in for adjustments 3 times a week for a couple months and I was feeling very much better. My pain though, very much less, began to roam around on me. And this frustrated me, I would feel better over here, then over there I began to feel pain. I needed something more permanent, more long term. I knew I was definitely on the right path but it was to me, still not quite right yet. So I came in after Dr. Doron took over the clinic and began to have conversations with him about pain and physiology. I continued to come in through the following year for regular adjustments. Then I talked to him about the Corrective Care Program and how it would work better with me since I had only been coming in if I had pain. This was more of a committed program, and he really helped me to see that I did indeed need to try the Corrective Care Program. I learned I could stabilize my problem now and improve upon it over the upcoming months.


So we mapped out my problems. A major one was that my head was very far forward and I complained I was still having a horrific amount of pain in my shoulders. I felt like I was literally trying to hold up a bowling ball with my shoulders. When I told Dr. Doron about this he said that was pretty much what I was doing. And we would work to correct this.

So I started the Corrective Care Program in January and the improvements began quickly and have been steady ever since.
The changes have been FANTASTIC!! I feel FANTASTIC!! I HAVE a range of motion now that I never had before. I could never touch my toes as a kid and now I CAN!! In my car I CAN turn my head to look in my blind spots, I could never do that before. I’m getting the curve in my neck back, and it’s only been 6 or 7 months!! My balance is back-I have more energy!! I’m just very satisfied with my results. I just feel now I’m more aware of my body. I take care of things now before it becomes chronic.

I’m always doing things that rack me around in my sport. I can perform now, at 100% without worrying about pain and with the comfort that if I do, in fact, do something to tweak my back, I can come in and Dr. Doron can fix it. I can play, literally, with NO FEAR.
I am now noted for my aggressiveness and dedication. I am playing with competitors that are younger and I and others are finding that I can keep up and exceed them. I am still progressing and learning in my sport and I love it!! Like I said, I came into the Chiropractor for my sport and then realized it was for my whole life!!

- Lisa Munson

Success Story:

Last fall I couldn’t do any yard clean up because my lower back couldn’t handle it, it would go out and I wouldn’t be able to walk with out pain and numbness for days or until I got to the Chiropractor. Well this weekend I was able to do yard work, I racked the yard and cut the hedges and did general clean up that should have been done in the fall. All of this with out pain and numbness, I don’t believe that if I hadn’t been treated for the past 6mos by you I would not have been able to do this.
Thank you so much!

- Sharon McCord

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"When asked if I would continue my program, “Oh Ya!” was the first thing I could say. I love how I feel and want more, who wouldn’t want the best for themselves."

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"Our five children look forward to going to the chiropractor and we can’t imagine our life without chiropractic care. Thank you Dr. Doron for all your help with Samantha and our family."

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"Dr. Doron is truly passionate about his field, and his enthusiasm for helping people is mirrored by the friendly staff at Chirocare."

« Adam Cartwright »

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