Work Injuries

Chronic Pain Marysville WA Work Injuries

Work injuries may qualify for the L&I benefits, also known as worker's compensation if you:

  • Were injured on the job
  • Were injured or became sick as a result of your job
  • Were injured or became sick while traveling for work

Note that you cannot receive L&I if you were intoxicated or on drugs when you have sustained your work injuries or if your illness is a result of poor lifestyle choices. Contact us at our Arlington WA, Marysville WA, or Lake Stevens WA clinic, Symmetria Integrative Medical is here to help.

What types of benefits can I get from L&I?

If you were injured on the job, L&I can offer you potential benefits, including:

  • Wage replacement
  • Prescription medication payment
  • Travel reimbursement (for visits to the doctor)
  • Damaged or lost property reimbursement
  • Pensions for permanent total disability
  • Pensions for permanent partial disability
  • Medical bill coverage

In addition, based on the outcome of your claim, you may qualify for some, all, or none of these benefits.

How do I get L&I?

To receive your L&I benefits, you need to visit a qualified health care provider, such as Symmetria Integrative Medical, for an examination. During your L&I compensation exam, the team asks you questions about:

  • The nature of your symptoms
  • The timeline of your symptoms
  • How you became injured or how your illness started
  • Any preexisting conditions you have
  • The way that your current illness or injury prevents you from working
  • How your everyday life has been affected by your symptoms

Next, the team performs a physical examination to visually assess how you've been injured or the extent of your illness. After your examination, if they determine that your injuries merit L&I, they will:

  • Certify that your injury is work-related
  • Decide when you can return to work
  • Help you complete and file a claim
  • Recommend further treatment

If your employer is self-employed, you and your doctor must also fill out a Provider's Initial Report (PIR) form.

If you've sustained a work injury or a work-related illness, don't wait to file your claim for benefits. To get started, schedule an exam at Symmetria Integrative Medical over the phone today.